Varun DAtta

Visionary. Leader. Philanthropist. Strategist

The best way to
predict the future
is to create it.

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Varun is a well-known businessman who has started and supported groundbreaking initiatives in various sectors and has consistently raised to the occasion with over 68 projects, 43 clients, and 17 awards. An Entrepreneur, strategist, and philanthropist, Varun Datta is renowned worldwide for taking on significant risks and enhancing the future by partnering with companies at the seed stage with his incredible visions, such as cross-sector cryptocurrency.

Varun knows the bounds of innovation in many domains thanks to his experience working and holding leadership positions across various sectors and industries in Asia, Europe, and America. He is particularly well-known for his knowledge of cryptocurrency trends. Varun is currently the CEO and founder of Truth Ventures, which is bringing forward groundbreaking innovations in numerous sectors.

He is also an avid advocate for animal rights and loves horses. In his spare time, he plays Polo in the UK.


Business Leader

Looking out for future business trends, staying ahead of the curve.


Deeply involved and concerned with eco-friendly/human welfare projects.


Taking bold and creative risks, pioneering groundbreaking concepts from scratch.


Finding interconnections between waste and energy, solving a major crisis.


Always a step ahead of trends, envisioning cross-sector crypto.


Putting weight behind high-potential ideas, giving a launchpad for exponential growth.

Crypto Genius

Adapt and observant of crypto trends, placing bets on the right horses.


A cryptocurrency thought leader, spreading awareness about eco-friendly and sustainable solutions.



Varun Datta’s VC firm Truth Ventures invests in Inery Blockchain

Venture capitalist Varun Datta's Truth Ventures has invested in data system company Inery. The two firms have joined hands to promote the use of decentralized databases. We believe that this innovative technology has the power to bring a revolution in how data is handled. Be it online or offline.

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Success Story: Venture Capitalist & Investor Varun Datta's secret recipe to Success

Success sure is no accident. It is the combination of hard work, perseverance, learning, research, sacrifice, and most of all, passion and purpose for what one is doing. Varun Datta has been one such entrepreneur who emerged as a successful Venture Capitalist and is currently funding and mentoring companies globally.

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Indian expat secures two UK power plants that produce electricity for cryptocurrency

Indian expat Varun Datta’s block-chain based energy plant, 4NEW, has secured two operational Waste to Energy power plants in the United Kingdom. The plants produce over 10 Megawatt of electricity per hour and utilise the Anaerobic Digestion technology to convert regular household waste and feedstock into electricity sold to the UK national grid.

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A recent address by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi said “Non-Residential Indians (NRIs) and overseas Indians have been our brand ambassadors for decades. They are showcasing the image of India by culture, tradition, skills, and style of life while dwelling in foreign countries.” Mr. Datta aspires to be at the forefront of the new-age, forward-thinking Non-Residential Indians (NRI), as the symbol of modern India’s indomitable and boundary-pushing entrepreneurial spirit. For Mr. Datta’s efforts in crypto-production, he was conferred with the Mahatma Gandhi Leadership Award for outstanding services, achievements, and contributions in conjunction with the NRI Welfare Society of India. He attended the ceremony on April 19th, 2018 at the British House of Lords during the Global Convention of NRIs at the British Parliament.

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